Party night in Quito with the new law

Last weekend was the first weekend with the new law implemented under the administration of President Rafael Correa to diminish the crime rate and to stimulate tourism in Ecuador by increasing safety. Up to know alcohol was accessible almost everywhere in Ecuador, from bars, café´s, disco´s over supermarkets to the small shops. In the past, several bills were passed already to regulate the alcohol consume and excessive partying. Two weeks ago it was no problem to buy alcohol and to order drinks in public locations, although there has been already a law which prohibiting the sale of alcohol to underage persons. All Clubs and disco´s were open till 3 o´clock in the morning and alcohol could be consumed everywhere until they closed. Even after parties took place in certain saloons until 5 or 6 in the morning. During the past years the Mariscal in Quito has become to the so-called “zona rosa” (pink zone/party zone), where also most of the tourists go out.It has been possible to party from Monday till Saturday, whereas special nights at different clubs and bars offered 2×1 specials, ladie´s nights, theme parties, etc etc. where mostly girls have never had to pay entrance and got at least one drink for free. At other bars it has been common to get Mojito´s, Caipirinha´s, etc for only 1,50$ and those were the places where people would go for the “pre-drinking” before hitting the dance floor at one of the clubs. Due to the increase of the crime rate, especially in this zone and the excessive alcohol consume among certain social groups and certain places a new bill was passed. Since last Friday, 18th of June, saloons and stores can sell alcohol during the week only till 00.00hs, Friday´s and Saturdays till 02.00hs and Sunday´s it is totally prohibited to buy and consume alcoholic drinks. In most cases the saloons also close at this hour since they cannot sell anything anymore. This is also the reason why many of them have already demonstrated especially in the Mariscal, Quito and most of the people still hope that this law will not have any success and do not believe in the aim to reduce the crime rate this way. For us it was also very strange at the beginning to watch a football game on a Sunday without a beer or to leave the club on a Saturday at already 01.45hs in the morning. Anyways during the week it has a great advantage: party starts earlier and you can still go out and work the next day without being sleepy ;-) !

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