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Daytrip to Ibarra

On Saturday we went on the trip to Ibarra. It is located in the northern Ecuador and its full name is San Miguel de Ibarra and is the capital of the Imbabura Province. It lies at the foot of the Imbabura Volcano and on the left bank of the Tahuando river and is about 70 [...]

Cacao in Ecuador

Ecuador has been more than a century the most important producer of cacao worldwide. Until the 1920s the cacao production contributes almost 80% to the national budget until the global cacao industry was hit by several crisis and the sales went constantly down. During the last years Ecuador has been fighting its way back to [...]

Mitad del Mundo, Equatorial monument and crater of Pululahua

Yesterday we started our trip to the middle of the world! Early Sunday morning we met at the bus station Ofelia to drive to Mitad del Mundo. When we arrived there it was unfortunately rainy, but we saw immediately the 30 meters high equator monument.

Tu estudias video producción y tienes mucha motivación, independencia, talento y experiencia??? Entonces te buscamos a ti…!!!

Somos un Tour Operator llamado Surtrek, que es especializado en viajes de aventura y ecoturismo, especialmente en Ecuador y Sudamérica. Planificamos un video proyecto por lo que necesitamos un video producer, que viaja conmigo por 14 días del 9 hasta el 23 de Diciembre por Ecuador y Galápagos.

Chivas in Ecuador

The so-called “Chivas” are rustic buses which were used as public transportation in the past in Colombia and Ecuador. And still are used in some regions of Ecuador. The picture below I took in a small village from my way back between Atacames and Quito.

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