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Melcocha – the famous and typical candy of Baños


Melcocha is also known as Alfandoque and is the famous and typical candy of Baños. You can find it in every little shop in the town and you can observe how it is produced. Baños is also famous for the high amount of sugar cane which is the base of Melcocha. It is possible to [...]

Bolon de Verde – Best Ecuadorian Breakfast

Ecuador and South America in general is one the biggest producer of bananas in the world, although the banana was imported primary in the 16th century. There are many different types of bananas and one of them is the plantain. The plantain is a staple food in the tropical and subtropical regions of South America, [...]

Coffee Toffee in the Mariscal, Quito

The Coffee & Toffee in the Mariscal, in the new center of Quito, is a nice place to relax and enjoy a variety of good coffee! There you can get also breakfast, snacks, meals, and of course cocktails. We went there yesterday afternoon for some delicious sandwiches. Especially the roof garden with its relaxed atmosphere [...]

Cacao in Ecuador

Ecuador has been more than a century the most important producer of cacao worldwide. Until the 1920s the cacao production contributes almost 80% to the national budget until the global cacao industry was hit by several crisis and the sales went constantly down. During the last years Ecuador has been fighting its way back to [...]

My first experiences with food in Ecuador I’m into “Almuerzos”

From the beginning on I was excited by the cuisine of Ecuador. There are several reasons for that. In Ecuador they traditionally use a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits. Also almost always meat and rice, that’s why the food is not only very delicious, but also great for your health. You often can find [...]

Beer in Ecuador

Lately the delicious alcoholic drink also called “biela” here in Ecuador has reached more popularity. After work, during a football match or just at home relaxing. Apart from the beer giants Pilsener and Brahma you can find more and more brands coming up.

The Banana Republic Ecuador

Ecuador is one of the most important Banana producing and exporting countries. I have found a very interesting article in the internet I would like to share with you: India produces most Bananas but Ecuador is the king of Banana exports. After rice, wheat, and corn, bananas are the fourth most widely consumed food for [...]

The Restaurant “El Mirador El Ventanal” -Quito Ecuador

Last weekend we went to the restaurant “El Mirador El Ventanal” in the historical center of Quito, because we thought it would be a nice idea to celebrate the farewell of our housemates at a special place. El Mirador El Ventanal is located at the foot of the volcano Pichincha with an amazing view over [...]

Ecuadorian Food

After getting used to the Ecuadorian cuisine I have to say that I have some favourite typical plates which you can only find here and nowhere else. In the four regions of Ecuador you can find different typical plates. Whereas you find in the Andes region more pork meat, Mote, etc you find at the [...]

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