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What is Pachamama?

Indios from the Andes

When you are visiting a traditional festival of the Indigenous people in the Andes of Ecuador, you can often hear the word “Pachamama”, but what is Pachamama? This I will try to explain to you, so that the next time when visiting one of these traditional festivals you will know what is meant with “Pachamama”! [...]

El Sombrero Fino de Panama – The production of the famous Panama Hat

Cuenca Panama Hats

There are plenty of theories about how the Panama Hat got his name. One is that in former times goods could not be imported directly from the countries of South America to the United States. A central collecting point and custom office was needed, which was Panama. So every good had the stamp of the [...]

The giants are coming – whale watching in Ecuador


“The whales have a passport of Ecuador!” – This sentence often can be heard at the coast of Ecuador during the month from June to September. Every year the gigantic Humpback Whales come the long way from the Antarctica to the coast of Ecuador for mating or birthing and to entertain thousands of people with [...]

Ecuador – one of the best countries for enjoying his retirement


Ecuador is a country with such diversity and offering such great options for enjoying life and relaxing. Therefore Ecuador was named to one of the countries in which it is worth spending his retirement. The list was released by the U.S. News: Money. Factors like way of life, visiting sites, tranquility and budget played an [...]

Ecuador – a mosaic of cultures

The cultures of Ecuador

Ecuador is a country with such a diversity of nature and culture difficult to find in other countries in South America. Like the nature are the people living in Ecuador – a mosaic of totally different cultures. The indigenous people of Ecuador are presenting one of the biggest groups in Ecuador, but are also a [...]

The Yasuni National Park and the ITT-proposal

Yasuni Nationalpark - the Huaoranis

The Yasuni National Park is situated between the Rio Napo and the Rio Curaray and is Unesco biosphere reserve since 1989. The Yasuni National Park has one of the largest diversity in the world. 593 different species of birds, 121 reptile-species and 4000 different plants can be seen in an area of 1 Mio Hectare. [...]

Quito – American Capital of Culture in 2011

Quito is the new Capital of Culture of America in the year 2011.This title was given of the International Bureau of Cultural Capitals (IBOCC) and is another very important title for Quito, which counts to the Unesco World Heritage since 1978.

Slideshow with the best pictures of my trip to the Galapagos Islands

In the last time I´m writing individual blog posts about my time on the Galapagos Islands. With a great tool of Trip Advisor I created a slideshow with the best pictures of my trip. If you want to do something similar with your photos, than check out the following link:

6th of my 8 amazing days on the Galapagos Islands Island Genovesa – Prince Phillip´s Steps – Darwin Bay

Our destination for today was Island Genovesa. Because of the seclusion it´s considered as one of the wildest and untouched islands within the national park of Galapagos. Genovesa is also known as „Bird or Tower Island“. After the breakfast we set out by dinghies along the steep rocky coast, where we had the chance to [...]

Fifth of my 8 amazing days on the Galapagos Islands Island Santa Cruz – Bachas Beach – Black Turtle Cove

Today we arrived at the north coast of the Island Santa Cruz, where we visited the charming beach “Las Bachas”. It´s one of the most important nesting beaches for sea turtles. The nests were already abandoned, but you still could see the tracks, the turtles left behind. On that island usually you also can encounter [...]

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