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Lonesome George – cultural heritage of Ecuador?

In June we received a sad news: Lonesome George, the only remaining representative of the subspecies of Giant Totroise died in Galapagos. With an estimated age of more than 100 years he was a symbol of the Islands, so it really marks and end of an era… But it turns out that Ecuador want’s to [...]

Mompiche´s Land – Easter weekend at Ecuador’s coast near Esmeralda

We had the Friday off for Easter, so I and some friends decided to travel to Mompiche in the province Esmeralda at the coast of Ecuador.

Slideshow with the best pictures of my trip to the Galapagos Islands

In the last time I´m writing individual blog posts about my time on the Galapagos Islands. With a great tool of Trip Advisor I created a slideshow with the best pictures of my trip. If you want to do something similar with your photos, than check out the following link:

First of my 8 amazing days on the Galapagos Islands / Santa Cruz Island – Las Primicias – Charles Darwin Station

On Saturday 25th of December at 6:30 in the morning started my adventure to the Galapagos Islands. I looked forward to stay for 8 days on a cruise boat and had the chance to explore several of the unique islands. I went by plane from Quito over Guayaquil to the Airport in Baltra. This is [...]

Mitad del Mundo, Equatorial monument and crater of Pululahua

Yesterday we started our trip to the middle of the world! Early Sunday morning we met at the bus station Ofelia to drive to Mitad del Mundo. When we arrived there it was unfortunately rainy, but we saw immediately the 30 meters high equator monument.

Tu estudias video producción y tienes mucha motivación, independencia, talento y experiencia??? Entonces te buscamos a ti…!!!

Somos un Tour Operator llamado Surtrek, que es especializado en viajes de aventura y ecoturismo, especialmente en Ecuador y Sudamérica. Planificamos un video proyecto por lo que necesitamos un video producer, que viaja conmigo por 14 días del 9 hasta el 23 de Diciembre por Ecuador y Galápagos.

Chivas in Ecuador

The so-called “Chivas” are rustic buses which were used as public transportation in the past in Colombia and Ecuador. And still are used in some regions of Ecuador. The picture below I took in a small village from my way back between Atacames and Quito.

Que tan lejos – Interesting ecuadorian movie

As soon as I got to Ecuador my friends who have lived in Ecuador already a while recommended me to watch the movie “Qué tan lejos” ( in English: How much further). It is a nice movie by Tania Hermida (director and writer) which came out in the year 2006 and documents the typical aspects [...]

2010 – Year of the Biodiversity

Ecuador is privileged to be one of 17 countries worldwide being recognized as a mega biodiversity with an 18% of all bird species, 18% of all orchid species, 10% of all amphibian species and 8% of all mammal species. Furthermore Ecuador works with a so-called “National System of Protected Areas” which has lead to a [...]

Cotopaxi – 1 Day

The last weekend I went my first time to the vulcano Cotopaxi and was very excited what would expect me that day. We left early at 07.00 in the morning by bus with about 20 people in total. After about 45 minutes we stopped by at the Papgayo Hosteria to pick up the remaining [...]

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